Theme Changer for Telegram [ROOT]

By SventraPopizz

Theme Changer for Telegram [ROOT]

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not affiliated in any way with Telegram, or anything that they own. The app ISN'T made by telegram and so isn't officially supported by them.

In case you have 2 or more themes on telegram you surely faced the issue where you couldn't set certain themes to be used during certain hours, with this app you can do exactly this!

In case you need help on how to use the app, just press the button in the bottom half of the app.

Unfortunately you must give the app root access to make it work, that's because it has to access telegram's folder and because of this, there is no way to make it work without root.

I must thank the wondeful guy that made my idea come true: @LollosoSi, thank him because he was the one who coded the whole app.

If you have no themes to choose from, you can find some good ones here: