Telegram Messenger Unofficial

By Jalloo Software

Telegram Messenger UnofficialTelegram Messenger UnofficialTelegram Messenger Unofficial

You can use Telegram Free Call to send and receive messages for free.

Awesome Features:

You can send and receive an unlimited number of messages for free. No trials. No fees, No subscriptions, Free forever.

*Stickers, emoji, hashtags:
Express yourself with custom sticker sets and fun emojis. Use # hashtags to easily find related messages and media.

*Cloud-based Messaging:
With the Telegram ecosystem your app will deliver messages with speed across all devices .

*Voice Calling Feature:
Messenger app Supports the fastest and most secure Audio Calling feature ever created.

*File and media sharing:
You can share large videos,documents (doc, . ppt, . zip etc) and send an unlimited amount of photos to your family and and friends.

Developer:Yakub Abdul Razak

You can contact us for more information at:
[email protected]