Telegram in Russian (unofficial)

By Asia Meteo

Telegram in Russian (unofficial)Telegram in Russian (unofficial)

Telegram in Russian (unofficial)

To Translate it into Russian

1. Enter the program settings.
2. Click on the language.
3. Choose Russian language


0. Install telegrams on your phone.
1. Find through the search channel @russianstelegram 2. Download the russian.xml file (click the down arrow).
3. Click on the three points next to the file and click "Apply localization."
4. Choose Russian. All your telegram has been translated into Russian.

Telegram unlocked - working in Russia

In order for the telegram to work, do the following:
1. Download the application.
2. Open Settings and go to Data and Storage.
3. Click on the item “Proxy” and enter the server address, port number, user name and password. (The available proxy server addresses are here: or
From there select ru.
When choosing, consider the type of server you need SOCKS5 ).
4. If there is no username and password, leave the lines blank.