Telegram in Russian - Telegram unofficial

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Telegram in Russian - Telegram unofficialTelegram in Russian - Telegram unofficial

The main advantages of the application:
- Available languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Belarusian
- Online video and voice calls
- Unique stickers. It is also possible to create your own and download personal stickers from other users
- Ability to create channels, chats, bots
- Complete absence of advertising
- Telegrams consume the minimum amount of traffic
- Instant message delivery. Sending takes a fraction of a second, thanks to the placement of data centers in 5 regions
- Cloud storage of data, transfer of files without glitches and hangs
- There is the possibility of transferring large files
- The Secret Chat function is designed for anonymous communication. All messages and files are encrypted and can be deleted by itself.
- Modern design. A variety of backgrounds and screensavers can be chosen from your background pictures and pictures. The design is made in minimalism, which does not strain your eyes and allows you to work comfortably with the application throughout the day.
- Night and day modes
- Setting your background themes and fonts. - Spam bot, which eliminates almost all spam in the telegram. .
- Voice messages
- Synchronization with the computer and mobile version. You can be logged in simultaneously from several devices, the number of sessions is unlimited
- Create chats, groups and supergroups (up to 10,000 people)
- Technical support directly from the application. The telegram is constantly evolving. All wishes of users are taken into account by developers.