Telegram Fire Bot Tester

By NixWig

Telegram Fire Bot TesterTelegram Fire Bot TesterTelegram Fire Bot Tester

Telegram Bot Api Tester is an unofficial advanced Android client that allows you to manage bots that you have created through BotFather, without any programming knowledge.

As title says, with Telegram Bot Api Tester you can test the behaviour of your bots, by receiving updates and calling all the standard methods provided by Telegram, with an user friendly GUI that makes everything easy and nice to see.

Below the full list of methods supported:

You will be able to set all parameters for each method, as the Telegram documentation report.
Write text, upload photo, documents, download video, audio, inspect each media files to find its fileID, play video and much more! Just insert your token (or tokens if you want to manage multiple bots through this app) and play with it!

Inside the app you will find an integrated help, and nearly all steps come with some basic instructions that help you to know what to do.

Is highly recommended to read the original documentation from telegram before using this app!
Please take note that each call and response is between you and Telegram servers: this app doesn't collect anything, except from unmanaged crashes: in this case you can choose to send collected data that made the app crash in our servers to inspect it.