Tele Web

By Kaysleeks Inc.

Tele Web

Tele Web is simple TeleGram Web app that allows you run two TeleGram on one device. Now you can use any TeleGram account on android phone or tablet.

Same TeleGram account on mobiles and tablets
Send and receive messages, pictures, videos and documents
Secured with your Password.
Send Voices
Play Videos, Audios and GIFs

NOTE: Tele Web will ONLY work if you have an existing TeleGram on you second device, you can’t register for TeleGram on Tele Web.

Hint: Tele Web for TeleGram web is created by us, and it not an official TeleGram application and not associated with TeleGram Inc. This app is not intended to be use on someone's TeleGram account on different phone and not to hack any one's TeleGram account. Please use app with full responsibly and your own risk.