By eSandesh


eSandesh is the smartest, fastest and lightest Messenger based on Telegram's api, which focus on speed and security. It's powerful, simple and completely free.

???? Why eSandesh better than others?

* Smart MTProto Proxies

* Multi-account:

* Publish Article: Publish your articles, share your thoughts using easy to create and share with preview of article.

* File Manager: View and manage all media files at once downloads in an advanced way in category like Media, Files, Links, Audio, Voice.

???????? Online contact and contact changes, Forward without quote

* Categorizing Chats: Categorize your chats in your customized way.

* Hiding channels, groups: the possibility to hide chats in an advanced form and the ability to set a password for the hidden chats as numbers or text.

* Selecting of stickers and Emoji: Adding favorites tab to display stickers and Emoji.

* Ability to send painting professionally

* Text translation in 65 International languages.

???? Text Reader inside command.

* Beautiful theme

* Ability to change your voice

Professional users always need complementary features for the telegram, which, in addition to more user-friendly, eliminate the simplicity of this communication Messenger.

eSandesh is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram 's API (Pavel Durov makes that).