Proxyom - Proxies for Telegram

By Master Empire

Proxyom - Proxies for TelegramProxyom - Proxies for Telegram

Filtering of Telegram can be removed by Proxyom.

FAST: Proxyom is the fastest Telegram Proxy app on the market and proxies have been filtered and best and fastest of them have been selected.

SECURE:You don't need Unsafe VPN, Unofficial telegram, Damaged and Slow Proxies anymore.

FREE: In addition to free app, you can lower your internet costs(downloading, uploading,...) by using Proxyom proxies.

LOWER SPACE: Proxyom needs only about 4.5MB space and it's less than any other VPNs.

FRESH PROXIES:More than 200 proxies are analysing and fastest will be added to Proxyom.

UNLIMITED:There is no limitation in usage of proxies.

POWERFUL:Proxies are so powerful, stable and MTproto type.

RELIABLE:Telegram insures that MTproto is very secure and reliable and have no access to your telegram data.

SIMPLE:With only 3 steps you will connect to proxy.

You can enjoy speed of your messaging app,Telegram since you install Proxyom. Don’t wait years for connecting to VPNs — join the revolution now.