Mobno Gravit 2019 (Absolutely No Filter)

By RamKal Developers

Mobno Gravit 2019 (Absolutely No Filter)Mobno Gravit 2019 (Absolutely No Filter)Mobno Gravit 2019 (Absolutely No Filter)

Mobonogram is an unofficial version of the mainstream telegram that works without any filter breaker, and has much more features than telegrams and even unofficial telegrams.

Special features:

⭐️⭐️ Show who have your mobile number ????????

⭐️⭐️ monbogram (telegram With special features, the unofficial version of the Telegram application

⭐️⭐️Note: All features of Mobonogram Plus, except for secretary, voice changer, hide chats, beautiful show on advanced mobogonograms

MobNogram Features:

???????? New version features

???? Show who have your mobile number ????????

???? View Online Users

???? Ability to choose fonts

???? Sort tabs

???? Go to first post of chat

???? Improve the UI of hidden chats and hide the notifications in secret mode

???? Former features

_ ???? Full support for Persian language, solar history and 24-hour format.

- Allows formatting and coloring of software and sharing with other users

- ???? Tablet mode (Compatibility with a variety of tablets) changes in landscape mode. Appearance of the app

- ???? Separation of messages based on their type (contacts, channels, groups, bots)

- ???? Selecting conversations and messages (automatic downloading of favorites)

- ???? Categories of conversations and profile messages

- Multiple perspectives, Forward with editing, Forward without quotes and Text

- ???? Possibility to get confirmation before sending audio message and sticker

- ???? Distinction of two-way contacts View leaderboards and group builder

-? Show online contacts Contact changes

- Encryption on the app and private chats

Remove group contacts

-? Show the status of the last contact on the homepage and the group: The last visit of the contact is displayed with a colored icon

- ???? Leaving the group with the possibility of returning (only Ordinary groups)

- ???? Possibility to read a place of messages

- Copy text (subtitle) Photos, videos and other files that have caption text

- Fast response and direct response capability in all conversations

- The ability to insert text under video and audio

- Hide