Interactive Content Telegram Gold

By SPG Technologies

Interactive Content Telegram GoldInteractive Content Telegram GoldInteractive Content Telegram Gold

Do you use Telegram? This application will delight you, create interactive content to share with your contacts, communities and channels.

What is an interactive content? It is those that allow the user to connect with the brand in real time, and one of its objectives is to increase the rates of interactivity.

Interactive Content Telegram Bot is an application that allows you to create a structure of interactive content to share easily, reaching more people and with it see figures on the approval of it.

Nowadays it is essential that Bots play a very important role on the communities, in order to establish in a more graphic and attractive way the interests and behaviors on certain products, events or contents.

The application is currently designed to work with the Telegram Ban | Hammer bot (@ xxdamage2bot), which is quite practical to use and feature to share interactive content.

Why interactive visual content?
► Interactive content improves visibility
► Interactive content is effective to attract attention and capture conversions
► Interactive content educates or entertains
► Interactive content generates brand awareness
► Interactive content helps to improve engagement (user participation and continuous discussion)
►Creating interactive content encourages participants to share with their friends.

► Telegram application
►Internet connection

► Network status
► Writing in storage

► Easy to share gallery and camera images
►Share images from the internet
► Generate easy syntax
►Valida syntax before sharing content
►Comparte contended with reaction buttons u Like / I do not like
►Add emoticons to make your publication more attractive
► Friendly interface for your devices
► Responsive interface for your devices
►Security when sending
►Button of feedback to improve the application
► Immediate assistance to support the user and the usability of the application

It includes:
►Intro application application
► Contact data

►Configure multiple Bots
►Include shared interactive content history
►Improvement of interface
► Timing optimization
►Add buttons to share more links