Green Filter Anti-Filter

By TelAppDev

Green Filter Anti-FilterGreen Filter Anti-FilterGreen Filter Anti-Filter

GreenGam is an informal messenger application using Telegram API

Greengram is an UNOFFICIAL messaging application that uses the Telegram's API

With the most advanced features, high-speed

Capability Multi-user account

- Personalization with personal taste

- Multitasking of conversations

- Hot announcements

- Sweetheart channel Other channels)

- Download manager and scheduler

- Manage and schedule conversations download

- Manage media and files

- Media separation Downloaded

- Discussing conversations

- Categorizing conversations

- Hiding conversations

- Locking conversations with passes Ayeh and Template

- Customized preferences for any conversation

- Recent talks

- Blocking messages to the conversation

- Tagging the conversation

- Multiple Conversation Operations

- Setting Auto-Download Media For Any Conversation

- Go to first message of conversation

- Multiple Multiplexes

- Advanced Ferrand

- Message left to answer

- Double-sided posting of messages

- Read message via notification

- Advanced keypad

- Write a painting

Change your voice (turn your voice into a robot, space, rough, thin, bump etc ...)

- Play voicemail before sending < br>
- Advanced advanced contact

- Contact changes

- Online contacts

- Hide contacts

- Contact filters
< br> - Two-way contacts differentiation

- Group Removal of Contacts

- Lock with Template

- Advanced Skins

- Beautiful Fonts
< br> - Giff stop and pull back

- Zoom and rotate GIF and video

- GFD differentiation in media and file management

- Confirmation before slalom sticker < br>
- Block ads

- Turn off and turn on apps

- Rack with the possibility of returning to the normal group

- ID locator

- View exact number of channels and messages Visitors


Persian language support