Bots.Business – create your own bot


Bots.Business – create your own botBots.Business – create your own botBots.Business – create your own bot

Create your own bot for Telegram from new app Bots.Business.

How to create bot
1. Create bot with @BotFather
2. Now create bot in app: add secret token
3. Create commands

Install bots from the Store
In the store are available various bots. Do you need referal tracking? Or chat with yours users via bot? This and the other is in the Bots Store!

Command can have: name, help, aliases (second names), answer, keyboard, scenarios (for simple logic) and other options.

Logic with BJS for command
Use Bot Java Script for logic in command.

CSV import with Google Table
Do you have much commands? Use Google Table and make import!
Generate commands with formulas and do more with Google Table.
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Template table

Demo bot @DemoFromTableBot from this table

How to import CSV file
1. Create Google Table with commands for bot (You can use template)
2. Do publich this Table in CSV format via File menu
3. Paste CSV url in application and do upload command

Now you can talk with yours new Telegram Bot

Git export import
Bot exporting to external Git repository (for Github, for example)
Bot importing from external Git repository
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See more: help, FAQ, examples:


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